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"The GREATEST coaching assistant ever created just got BETTER!"

Get your teams set up in just a few minutes so you can start building your teams and completing workouts!

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Save time on programming that you could spend coaching

Increase participation within your teams

Make training fun and exciting for your players

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It's not just for pro athletes!

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Dr. Pat Ivey

Louisville Associate AD - Mizzou Performance Director, 2011-2015

Backed by Science

Tried and tested by some of the top strength coaches in the industry.

Andrew Paul

Senior Athletic Performance Head Coach, OKC Thunder -EXOS, 2012-present

Powered by Results

Over 10,000 college/pro athletes use systems year-round.

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Ryan Sorensen

Ryan Sorensen Inc., Personal Trainer: Christian Yelich, Andrew Whitworth

Made for All Sports

Templates designed for all sports, by coaches who specialize in multiple areas.

Ready to go?

Setting up is as simple as 1, 2, 3!
Get your team enrolled today:

Not quite sure? Schedule a demo and our dedicated staff will come out and show you everything you're missing!

What's included?


Initial facility and coaching consultation

Software installation and team onboarding

Free coaching seminar and workout demo with team

Compatible with modern solutions.

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GPS Tracker

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Force Plates

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Bar-Speed Tracking

...with over 100 data-points tracked every session!

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Pertinent weight room display and over 30 different views.

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Advanced player metrics and tracking for instant training feedback

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Weekly reports and team leaderboard to see the progress and results

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Eric Beisel

Has spent the last DECADE working with the top coaches and players in the industry to build an advanced tracking and management tool that can be utilized by all sports and athletes.

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