Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Summer Swole > Weeks 4-6

WARMUP (1x):

Cable External x15/e

Sleeper Stretch x(:30)/e

Cable 1/2 Kneeling SA Bench x8/e

Band Iso-Squat Scaption x12

Band Iso-Squat Row x6-8

Rock 360 Rollout x15

Overhead Fly x12

DB 3-Pt. Bench Press x(5-5-5)

Band High-Plank SA Lat Pull x8/e

DB Half-Circle x10-12

Cable-X Pull Apart x15

Bird Dog x5-6/e


Chest, T-Spine, VMO/Teardrop, Lats

ROUND 1 (3x):

DB Bench SA Alt. Iso-Hold Drop-Set x(5-4-3)

Wide-Grip Pull Up x3-12

DB Incline Pullover x8

ROUND 2 (3x):

Battle-Rope Split Stance Slam x6/e

Battle-Rope Reverse-Grip Short Wave x(:12)

Decline Pushup x15

ROUND 3 (3x):

Landmine 1/2 Kneeling SA Shoulder Press x5-6/e

Barbell Bent-Over Row x12

Cable SA 1/4-Fly x8/e

ROUND 4 (3x):

MB Soccer Throw x8-12

MB Iso-Squat Press x15

High Plank Hand Step-Up x8/e

ROUND 5 (3x): DB Farmers Carry x30-Yards

Cable SA Tricep Ext. x12/e

DB Lateral Shoulder Raise Drop-Set x(12-6-(:20)/Hold)

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