Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Summer Swole > Weeks 4-6

WARMUP (1x):

Cable SA Upright Rotation x15/e

DB 6-Pt Raise x6

Band Quad Extension x8/e

Glute-Bridge w/ Abduction x20

Jump Rope x(:60)

Cable SA Rear Delt x12/e

DB High Plank SA Alt. Iso Row x8/e

EZ-Bar Upright Row x15

DB Step Back Lunge-To-Press x3-5/e

Band Y-Squat x8-12

Bosu Push Up x20


T-Spine, Quads, Chest, IT Band

ROUND 1 (3x):

*superset the following exercises

Bench Press W/ Chains x3

Set 1: 3 @ 70% (+Chains)

Set 2: 3 @ 75% (+Chains)

Set 3: 3 @ 80-85% (+Chains)

Barbell Deficit Deadlift x5-8

Cable 1/2-Kneeling SA Pull Down x8/e

ROUND 2 (3x):

*superset the following exercises

MB Slam x8

MB Keg Toss x3

MB Incline Pushup x12

ROUND 3 (3x):

*superset the following exercises

SL Leg Press x8/e

Goat-Bag Back Extension x12-15

DB Shoulder Press x8-12

ROUND 4 (3x):

*superset the following exercises

Box Jump x3

Band Speed Step Up-To-HK x5/e

Stationary/Watt Bike (High Intensity) x(:15)

ROUND 5 (3x):

*superset the following exercises

DB Concentration Curls x8/e

Hammer Low-Row Alt. Iso-Hold x(5-4-3-2-1)+5

Cable-Rope Upright Row x12

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