Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Preseason Pump > Weeks 1-3

WARMUP (1x):

Side-Plank Incline Adduction Hold x(:20)

Box SL Depth Squat x8/e

Goblet 1-1/4 Squat x5

Arc/Elliptical Run (Low Intensity) x(2:00)

SL RDL W/ Balance Pad x6/e

Band Iso-Squat SL Pulse x20/e

Mini-Band Side Plank Clamshell x8/e

Band Glute Kickback x12/e

Machine Adduction x15 DB Incline Stationary Lunge x6-8/e

Physio-Ball Knees-To-Chest x15

Band-X Lateral Walk x10-12/e


Hip Flexor, IT Band, Hamstring, Glutes

ROUND 1 (4x):

*superset the following exercises

Front Squat x3

Set 1: 3 @ 50% (of Back-Squat)

Set 2: 3 @ 60%

Set 3: 3 @ 65%

Set 4: 3 @ 70-75%

KB Standing SL Calf Raise x8-12/e

ROUND 2 (3x):

*superset the following exercises

SL Hack Squat x6/e

Power Shrug x5

Set 1: 5 @ 55% (of Power-Clean)

Set 2: 5 @ 65%

Set 3: 5 @ 75-80%

Lateral Step-Up x8/e

ROUND 3 (3x):

*superset the following exercises

Barbell RDL x8-12

SL-Pistol Squat x5/e

Donkey Calf Raise W/ Leg Press x15-20


*superset the following exercises

Machine Seated Hamstring x12-15

KB Crossover Step-Back Lunge x8/e

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