Updated: Feb 23, 2019

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*Today, is the final day of Combine Prep. You will be tested at your previously recorded test-weight, or the weight you have been training with (95, 135, 185, 225).

*Compare your projected bench press max to the numbers below to find your suggested Test-Wt.

Projected Max/Test-Wt:

<160 ———-> 95

160-210 ——> 135

210-260 ——> 185

>260 ———-> 225

WARMUP (1x):

Band Overhead Fly x12-15

Band Face Pull x8

DB Half-Circle x10

Lying Crossover T-Spine x6/e

Band Iso-Squat Scaption x12-15

Pull Up Scaption x6-8

Cable-X Pull-Apart x12-15

Cable External x10/e

Bosu Push Up x15-20


Chest, T-Spine, VMO/Teardrop


E.Y.G (Everything You Got) 1xAMRAP

*Rest for no more than 3 minutes before setting up for the test

*Place your feet on the floor and create a generous arch in your back

*Staple your back into the bench by squeezing your scaps together

*Let your spotter help you unrack the bar (on your cadence)

*Trust in your preparation, you are prepared, attack this set!

Set 1 (The Final Set): 1xAMRAP


If you are currently participating in the #225Challenge, the link below will redirect you to review the challenge details, email your start video and final-test video and submit the challenge form (Challenge Ends: March 1).

Click Here!

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